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May 18, 2021
In Fleet Builds
So this is me giving it a shot, so pls come at me and take it apart. Ok.. so the original Layout wasn't loved very much, as i have seen just now... 390/400, Precision Strike, Fighter Ambush, Superior Positions. Venator-II 100 Plo Koon 26 Flight Commander 3 Rapid Launch Bays 6 Thermal Shields 5 Triumphant 5 145 Acclamator-I 66 Ordnance Experts 4 External Racks 4 Nevoota Bee 5 79 Consular Armed Cruiser 37 Hondo Ohnaka 2 Radiant VII 1 Bomber Command Center 8 48 Anakin Skywalker 19 3 ARC-170 45 3 Y-Wing 30 2 V19 24 118 Plan is to jump an activated enemy ship turn 2 or 3, RLB Anakin, 3 ARCs and a V19, pull the Remaining squads with the activation and have them and Anakin attack. Then, relay the staybehind Nevoota Bee through Triumphant to activate the ARCs and drop a crapload of fighter hits. If there are enemy Squads near the target, or on the verge of engaging, I can still have a good damage drop with the ARCs and Anakin and can pull along most of the other squads with Nevota Bee. Biggest problem I see are Slicer Tools, but i need the Flight commander for the drop after move. SFO might be an investment for Nevota Bee though. Hyperspace Rings might be an option, as I currently have only 5 deployments, but its not usable with Fighter Ambush and I fear the Arcs could be ganked or held off by a fighter heavy opponent. I could cut down 1 V19 (that i can currently only activate via token) and go for Reserve Hangar on Nevota Bee (or just leave it at that). That would give me some more points for upgrades on the Ven-II, as its own damage potential is pretty meager, considering the lack of rerolls. ExRax and OEs on Nevoota are considered a deterrent or a finisher. Hondo for raidprotection or in case I need a token for one of many other reasons.


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