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ISD Avenger
Jun 05, 2021
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If you could introduce design elements to a hypothetical v2 of the game, what would you include? A few thoughts from me: 1) Decrease model size approx 10-15% ( particularly large bases) so sizing looks better next to SSD. 2) Drop points cost & power of all ships pro-rata so you can build more of a fleet (eg: a viable 3 ISD fleet plus fighters & a support ship or 2). 3) Move fleet building to app-based so points can be edited easier to keep things competitive. 4) Keep things thematic (Vader squadron should not be an escort for example) 5) Revise squad movement, say to 1-6 & limit upgrades that increase speed. B & Y wings should be slow. Defenders & A-wings should have a clearer speed advantage over regular ties etc. 6) Introduce an XL base size to fit between large & huge. This would be good for future ships, eg: FO Resurgent class - bigger than an ISD but clearly not a huge base ship. Thats about all I can think of for now. Interested to hear others thoughts.
ISD Avenger

ISD Avenger

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