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Mad Cat
May 17, 2021
UK lockdown rules eased today and our local gaming club is opening tonight. This will be my first face to face game in six months so I am taking the CIS out for the first time. No recusants available yet so I won't go for Mar Tuuk just yet. But in compensation, with a cheaper commander like Grievous, I get a Reserve Hangar and 2 of the Vultures upgraded to Tri-fighters. 400/400, Surprise Attack, Planetary Ion Cannon, Hyperspace Migration. Providence Carrier 71 112 General Grievous 20 Thermal Shields 5 Linked Turbolaser Towers 7 External Racks 4 Tikkes 2 MS1 Ion Cannons 2 Intensify Fire 6 Munificent Star Frigate 73 88 Thermal Shields 5 Linked Turbolaser Towers 7 Auxiliary Shield Team 3 Hardcell Battle Refit 52 67 Thermal Shields 5 Turbolaser Reroute Circuit 7 Reserve Hangar Deck 3 Hardcell Transport 47 56 Beast Of Burden 6 Munitions Resupply 3 2 Trifighters 22 38 2 Vultures 16 Edit. Post-game action report. The game was playing my Hyperspace Migration against... Starhawk 2, Agate, Unity, LFC, Waylex, Expert Shield Tech, LTT, IC Batteries, Magnite Crystals MC30-T, Admonition, ACM, OE GR75-T, BCC. Jan, Wedge, Dutch, Gold Squadron, Green Squadron. I deployed in my right corner, speed 2, travelling in the same direction as the space slugs. Enemy flotilla in the center, Starhawk closer to me and admonition further away coming in fast to meet my convoy head on. All his ships at max speed. Turn 1. I send the Combat hardcell to its right to come around the flank of the starhawk. Rest of my convoy keeps formation as the rebels approach. Turn 2. Munificent double arcs admonition at long range. Prov shoots it with 2 red and my fighters try and attack it while the enemy squadrons are too far away but for only 1 damage. TRC and the other hardcell and the flank arc from the providence strip 6 shields from the starhawk who salvos the Hardcell Combat twice and turns away from it towards my bigger ships doing 2 damage to a vulture with an LTT. Turn 3 Admonition is double arced and I expected him to activate it first but no his Gozanti sends three squads in to kill 2 fighters. Munificent double shoots admonition and slows to avoid getting double arced. Starhawk shoots my flagship and the combat Hardcell now behind him and Mag slows it to speed 2. I shoot Admonition with Salvo killing it with a lucky structural damage crit. Other ships shoot the starhawk and I ram a Hardcell transport into my flagship to keep it double arcing the hawk, then I mess up and ram my Providence into the Munificent. My salvos and External racks and double arcing get 4 hull damage on the hawk and only a strong opposite flank shield remaining. Turn 4 my flagship dies from bombers and the starhawk double arc. My salvo and the long range CF TRC shot to its rear and the double arc from the transport hardcell and a flank shot from the Munificent just kills it. The game ends after Wedge kills my last Vulture. I only had 60 points from the Purgils as the enemy fast approach and the Mag Crystals would stop the convoy so I had to abandon the space slugs and deal with the ships. Grievous did nothing for me all game and the squadrons were a speed bump for one turn only killing nothing. Reserve hangar deck was too far away and I'll move that onto the flagship. Beast of burden was fantastic enabling my bigger ships a second use of defense tokens to use against the double salvo of the hawk.
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Mad Cat

Mad Cat

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